A Holiday Greeting From The
Mulac Family Marketers...

Please enjoy our photos of the season and accept the following wishes from our family to you and yours:


Christmas 2008 - Las Vegas, NV

High Tea and Breakfast With Santa at the
 Ritz Carlton, MonteLago Village (top and bottom)

Mom's even got tea, gourmet finger sandwiches
and more while the kids circled Santa for story time,
caroling and of course the gingerbread
decorating from above.

The Mulac "elves" playing in the Cactus Garden
while Santa was on break.

Bellagio Conservatory turned into a
Winter Wonderland

Marina rock climbing at Bass Pro Shops,
thinking, "I know I can get higher than
Dr. Porter!"

Christmas Caroling on horseback - desert style -
and Greg wondering if I'd lost my mind - but
a good time was had by all and a great way
to capture the holiday spirit! (Even the horse had
twinkling lights!)

Playing at FAO Swartz on a giant sized
piano - now that's makin' music!



A peaceful hush falls over the world…
When this holiday rush is through…
It’s time to reflect on family and friends…
And so we think of you…

It’s a time to send our greetings…
To those who are far and near…
To wish you the blessings of the season…
Not just today but throughout the year…


May the magic and wonder of the season…
Bring joy and happiness to you…
May it be a season you will always remember…
And stay with you, your whole life through…

May the timeless message of Christmas…
Fill your heart and home with love…
May you and yours be forever blessed…
With the peace of the snow from above…


Have a

Merry Christmas


Get Ready To


In 2009!

Love and Gratitude,
Greg, Stephanie,
Marina & Morgan Mulac

The Cactus Gardens provided acres of cacti
adorned with lights - a truly unique site to behold!
Who says there's no Christmas Spirit in the desert!

Morgan and Marina in the Norman Rockwell
House at Town Center with Santa

A floating ice rink on the lake at MonteLago Village,
in Lake Las Vegas provided hours of fun - there
was even a video of Mommy skating -
Marina's threatening to put that on Youtube!

We love a parade, and it was a beautiful, sunny warm
day in Henderson, NV as we watched over
100 floats, bands and more kick off the season!

Weather so warm that you can buy your tree and
ride carnival rides all in the same spot -
now THAT'S cool!

Wooohooo - we won the $100 prize at the
campground for our decorations outside
the motorhome - Yay us!

Our tree that we bought and decorated for
the campsite - it wasn't supposed to
snow in Vegas???