"Done For You" Shopping Carts

- Warrior Special Offer -




Dear Entrepreneur,

FIRST - This page is not intended to be a fancy sales page geared to "selling" you on the merits of having your own custom shopping cart.

In fact, you may not even need a shopping cart if that is not part on your business model - in which case, there's nothing on this page for you, so I don't want to waste your time.

SECOND - What I am about to offer you is NOT meant to compete with pre-fab, generic, do it yourself shopping cart templates that sell for $10 bucks.

This is a highly customized and proven ecommerce solution that I guarantee would cost you $1000 to $1500 anywhere else. If you are looking for a $10 solution - this offer is not for you either...



Then we can proceed on the basis that you already know you:

  • Need a shopping cart for your business

  • Either don't have one or what you have isn't getting the job done

  • Are unwilling to settle for second best

  • Appreciate the value in having a pro "do it for you"

  • Are very interested in saving $1000 by taking decisive action TODAY!

Here's What You Will Get:

  • One (1) fully functional customized shopping cart installed for you on your own domain and your own hosting account**

  • 10 unique professional & tested designs to choose from

  • Your logo (or one we create for you) incorporated into the design

  • Ability to add UNLIMITED products in 3 easy steps

  • A built-in AFFILIATE program so others can promote for you (this is priceless!)

  • An easy to navigate and understand Admin Center

  • One click ease in adding UNLIMITED content pages for articles, instructions, info pages, and any other content you desire

  • Accepts all standard payment processors including Paypal, Authorize.net and any other merchant accounts

  • Setup shipping via all standard carriers based upon weight, zone, quanity, etc.

  • SEO ready functionality built-in

  • Customized to allow you to add products you are an affiliate for and by-pass your own checkout pages (powerful!)

  • Customized to allow you to offer ebooks, audios, videos, and any other digital downloads

  • Customized to allow you to even add free products like special offers, literature, "how to" docs, and more

  • Built-in coupon codes to enable you to run specials and discounts

  • Built-in Automated Testimonial system that allows buyers to enter their own testimonials right on your site

  • Automated buyer email notifications upon payment, order processing and shipping

  • Internal email broadcast system to stay in touch with your buyers and site visitors (Optional: Aweber customizations $100 additional).

** Solutions available for monthly hosting starting at $12.95 if you don't already have a hosting account.

Here's What They Will Look Like:

Following are examples of live sites we've already built - they are not demo sites and belong to actual clients, so look around the sites, but don't add demo data or test signups please or your orders WILL be processed.

As you can see - these are NOT run of the mill, and the possibilities are endless!



Here's Why We're Doing This:

These ecommerce solutions are part of a much larger, future project and not only do I need lots of happy satisfied clients for testimonials, I also need more examples like the above to showcase (so the added benefit is that your site will get invaluable future exposure too as part of our own promotions!)

In exchange for your testimonial, I am willing to sacrifice a significant amount of profit for the next 10 packages that are sold - and that means if you are an Early Adopter - you will save over $1000!

But when I reach the cut off and 10 packages are sold - this offer will be withdrawn and future buyers will pay much, much more! Guaranteed!!!

Here Are Some Answers To Questions You Might Have:

Q. Can I  buy more than 1?
A. Yes - on the Paypal screen, you can enter more than 1 in the qty field.

Q. Is There A Monthly Fee?
A. No - These are your carts, on your hosting, using your domain - and not tied into any monthly service.

Q. Is There A Limit To The Number Of Products I Can Add?
A. No - There are no restrictions to the amount or types of products added - physical, digital, drop ship - you name it!

Q. Are They Able To Be Modified In The Future?
A. Yes - these carts are based on the OSCommerce engine, open source, and you are able to have any future modifications you want make by us or any other programmer. We have already made significant modifications for you and customized the templates beyond what you will find "off the shelf" and they are designed to grow with you!

Q. Do I need to have all my material & products ready to go right away?
A. No, you just need to commit to taking action. I will assist you with anything you need to do and assemble to make this work for you. I am asking only that you reserve your spot today - I will give you time to get organized and even give you my own personal assistance (Value of that? Priceless!)

Q. Will you teach me how to enter products and navigate the admin?
A. Yes, you will have video training on how to manage the cart.

Q. What happens after my purchase?
A. I will contact you directly via the email address in your Paypal account. If you don't get email at that address, indicate your desired email address in the "Special Instructions" box during checkout, or contact me via our helpdesk at:


Q. What if I buy today and change my mind?
A. In a word - Don't! Because these spots are extremely limited - there will be no refunds for "buyer's remorse," so if you are not 100% sure - don't make this investment in yourself. If you don't follow through and decide you want your money back, you have taken a valuable opportunity from someone else - and I can't ethically allow that to happen to others. (In an extreme circumstance, I guess I would let you resell or transfer your spot to someone else.)

Q. Do you have an affiliate program setup for this?
A. No, we cannot offer commission at this rock bottom price; however, you are allowed to purchase 1 or more of these spots and re-sell them to your personal clients or subscribers and add a fair markup.

Here's What It Will Cost:

Your investment for everything described above is $595 - that's it!

I'm sure if you've shopped web design services you will know immediately what kind of value this is for the quality of what you see above. But just in case you've never priced a professionally developed, customized cart - know that the going rate is easily $1000 to $1500 for everything we've included here!

Here's What You Need To Do Next:

To obtain your very own Custom Shopping Cart at this WSO price, click the payment button below to secure your spot.

As soon as your payment is processed, I will contact you directly. You won't be redirected to a site - this offer includes one on one interaction with me!

I look forward to working one on one with you and watching how much money you will make implementing this amazing opportunity!

To Your Infinite Evolution!

P.S. Remember, this is only for the first 10 Fast Movers! If you have reached this page and the order button above is disabled, I am extremely sorry, but this special offer is not longer available.